Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You're on the right path. Just keep going.

Hello peeps!
I'm here, just been working, at my paid job, and the one that doesn't pay!
There will be a lot of pictures, with not a crafty thing (unless painting counts) in sight, so feel free to skip this post!
Ahhhh, and over here when I said this would only take a couple weeks..........
please insert maniacal laughter!

The microwave got installed.

There it is with part of the peanut gallery!

I tell ya, the "easy 1 person install" microwave almost did us in!
But now we're practiced up for when I get mine!!!
Next on the list was ripping out the carpet from the big upstairs bedroom.
This next picture's a doozy!
We had about 6 inches X 3 feet we had to try & cut even with the drywall!
I was at the house by 10 am on Saturday.
 I was at the store shortly after 9 to pick up the paint Vanessa picked out for this room.
I also picked up a gallon of ceiling paint;
cause hey, we're doing all this work, might as well paint the ceiling!
The kids went to GP for the day, I was on my own!
First I had to take down the ceiling fans....
don't worry, I'm a girl, I shut off ALL the breakers!
This is what I needed to cover up on the ceiling!

Not just one painter flooped their roller up there...there's 2 colors of green up there!
 Kalen put in his 2 bits worth by saying,
"Do the closet mom, people don't think anyone looks in there, but they do!"
This is what I started with in the closet!

The bright green, and someone had started to prime.
Oh look, I'm washing walls with my bucket!
Here it is after the ceiling is done & primer on.

And said closet:
 It got painted Monday after work!
This is the 'blue' Vanessa wanted.

It's a loooong way from this:

And after 8 hours Saturday I came home to my jacuzzi and glass(es) of wine!
Navy must not be in this year, cause we can't find Navy room darkening drapes!
V is going back to GP again this weekend, and I've already sent her to Jysk!
Also need some new lights, but I'll watch the flyers!
The laminate is going down tomorrow night!
I've had a crash course in Laminate 101;
or Laminate for Dummies whichever you prefer!
Plus the stuff I printed off the internet....I've got this!
Oh yeah, Kalen said, "You've done this before right?"
I've delivered the sawhorses to the garage in town, and the saw, square, pencil etc.
I ordered a laminate installation kit, which is supposed to be in tomorrow!
And the glow in the dark orange room that hurts my eyes.......
it's days are numbered!
We also painted the window sashes in that bedroom,
the outside frame, scrubbed the windows, it'll be a whole new room!
I'll take pictures of the laminate!
I AM trying to get my moms Easter card ready for mailing.
I am also trying to whip Kalen up an Easter card........
The geese are back......
And I took a picture of this fat little feller when I was driving the handi van last week!
A waxwing I think!

In other news, I've been going to the dentist, my 2 front teeth are getting crowns.
I have 2 more appointments.
I wanted to be in the running with Curt for the cheesiest smile! NOT!
The yarn eggs have got chocolate in them and are ready to be handed out!
I also put them in these cute carrot bags I found at Michaels with some Easter grass!

It's supposed to snow tomorrow morning, and rain tomorrow afternoon!
Thanks for popping by, and thanks for the emails checking up on me.
And all the tests & stuff Ray's been having.
Colonoscopies, CT scans, bloodwork, etc.
The spot on the lung is some kind of stretch mark from when he was sick and had a horrible cough that lasted a month or so.
They're boiling it down to Sleep Apnea, and that folks can be treated.
He's been getting a little more exercise, and feeling a bit better,
and he might have even lost a pound or 2, he's got about 80 to go!
He's doing what he can at the house in town;
he's usually the garbage hauler, but he is going to make a garbage stand for the house!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!


  1. Well no one can accuse you of taking life easy !!!!
    Well Curt and you can have the cheesie smiles. All mine is being done where you can't see it but hopefully in a month or so I will be able to eat carrots and cucumbers again. Have you ever tried to eat cucs without any molars??? Haha can't be done.
    On the serious side--the place is beginning to look great.

  2. You certainly have been one busy bee. Not to worry if you can't post craft stuff, this remodeling is interesting reading as well. Don't envy you all that work to be done, but you've certainly got a good handle on it. My admiration goes out to you for being able to do all this type of remodel. We've remodeled, and know that it's harder than just building from scratch. (less frustrating too). You've done a fine job - looking at these pictures - and it's really looking lovely. Someone is going to have a home to love pretty soon. Enjoyed the area pictures too. Don't work too hard, and share when you have time. Hugs

  3. Love your "motto" for this post... as if anybody ever needed to tell you to keep going! The remodeling looks very ood and I agree with MaryH that somebody will love to live there. On another note, I am very happy to see that the geese have returned ;-) Good news about Ray's health problems, too - anything that can be treated id good news at this point, I'd say. Have a good weekend!!

  4. Wow Gail I see you are keeping busy. The remodeling is coming along nicely. Love all the pictures.

    Hugs diane


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