Sunday, March 30, 2014

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

I've gotten a reprieve from painting etc., and am actually still in my housecoat drinking coffee!
In other news it's -26 here this morning......I think Mother Nature is napping!

The restoration guy came Tuesday to check out Kalen's house.
It's a mystery where the water came from, and if it will ever happen again!
The place has weeping tile, it drains properly....WTH!?
Told us to "Put it back together, the 2 X 4's look like they just came out of the forest."!!!
So we went from this:

To this:

In 4 days!
Vanessa has a room mate moving in tomorrow!
I cut the rest of the trim yesterday, and it will go on today.
I painted 1, yes ONE ceiling tile!
Told Vanessa, her & her friends could have a paint party some rainy day!
A ceiling tile at a time, cause it made such a difference!
I am getting a microwave this week for the house.....
Kalen's birthday's on the 1st of April, and I sent him money for his move to Alberta.
I SHOULD HAVE said, "I bought you a microwave for your house for your birthday!"
I'm also picking up laminate for the 2 bedrooms upstairs;
and I took a new dryer vent package over yesterday.
There's more dryer lint in the basement.........the hose is duct taped.......
Ya know yur a redneck when........
One of her friends will install that!
Vanessa's already moved in.
We're gonna do the big bedroom first;
she'll move over;
then we'll tackle the scary glow in the dark orange room that hurts my eyes!
We're gonna do some more painting in the basement, get some updated light fixtures,
already got the taps in the bathroom fixed, we're on a roll!
Have to do some outside work; if Spring ever comes!
Good thing I don't have too much on my own to-do lists!
Hopefully, we're done in a week or two!
In case you think nothing crafty's been going on at the Luck house..........
When Vanessa was here to pick up MORE STUFF,
and have supper last night, she said,
"When did you have time to make a card?"
I sent this poppycock/the card attached to the birthday party Ray went to last week!

And I made these.............

I got the idea here; and while they turned out amazing, they won't hold anything!
And GOOD LUCK trying to get your treats into the water balloon!
So, last weekend when Vanessa's friend came to play with us;
we made these:

We left a hole to put the treats into;
I'll show you the finished result when they're all put together!
It was really labor intensive; I'm glad I started early;
I think my mod podge was past it's due date,
cause it was like"Getting high on Stazon!"
It's now in the garbage!
So there you have the rest of the story......kinda!
I'll just keep plugging along!
I might even get back into the craft room today after laundry etc.!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!


  1. Oh my goodness. I'm glad that you are making such astounding progress on the restoration. What ya'll have accomplished is just amazing in such a short time. (brrr...for the weather too! It's sunny here today, very welcome sun too, but a bit on the breezy side). Loved your poppycock card...what an idea. Nifty treat bags too, but I can't figure out how these would hold any treats either. (Maybe paper treats?!). Loved your Team Title too. Hope you folks soon get some warm ...must have been a long, long winter. TFS & Hugs. Happy Sunday too.

  2. Do you rent yourself out??? Cause I sure could use you for about a couple of weeks! LOL Love your string eggs. I made these a few years back and mine too turned out amazing. They were fun to make. My instructions called for using a cloth stiffener solution. But I like the idea of getting a contact high on old Modpodge! LOL Hugs, Curt

  3. The restoration is looking good not only creative with crafts your also great at DIY XX

  4. Scary that they don't know where the water came from ... hope it NEVER happens again.

  5. Yes, astounding progress is the right term... wow! Hope you make it to the craft room later... I didn't. And I continue to send warmth your way - should have been quite a lot after this weekend. Maybe it gets stuck in Nova Scotia or something??

  6. Please tell Curt after me, he comes first. lol Doesn't Alberta come before the U.S.? Yep, thought so.
    Love your string eggs and why am I not surprised that you got all that done in 4 days? because you are a dynamo that's why!!!
    It will be so nice to have your family together close by again.

  7. Wow glad your restoration is coming along. The string eggs are very fun. I sure hope to starts to warm up for you.

    Hugs diane

  8. wow things are moving along there Gail, Shaz in oz.x

  9. Seven days of no posts! Hope all is well. . .just thinking about you and stopping by to say hello! Hugs, Curt


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