Saturday, March 22, 2014

Each day I awake I ask myself what I am grateful for and that puts a smile on my face. --John Assaraf

Oi, that's been hard the last week & a half!!!
I'll show you the birthday card I made, then you can get on with your day!

It's for a 75th birthday party Ray is going to in Grande Prairie!
I'm staying home...........
About a week & a half ago I got a call from the guy renting Kalens house.
"Gail, there's water in the basement".
I flew to town(on my broom), went into the basement,
checked the sump pump,
ran to the laundry room, which had water on the floor;
then I could hear it.
It was running down the walls in the bedroom!
I called Kalen,
told him he'd better call insurance,
as I thought it was more than I could handle.....silly me!
I rented the Rug Doctor from the store (everyone should have one of those!),
and sucked up all the water on the carpets.
The insurance adjustor was there a week ago yesterday, and the restoration guy's coming on Tuesday.
We have pulled 2 walls apart, that were honest to God, built to last F O R E V E R!
Today, we're bagging the insulation, most of which is dry...go figure!
I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, and taking clothes to change into!!!!
I don't think I like insulation!
I've got help,
did I say I had awesome friends,
and Vanessa's moving in, so we're using her friends too!!!
They're easily swayed with a home cooked meal & drinks!
I've also got 5 gallons of paint that will be applied where needed....
ceiling tiles, paneling in the downstairs bedrooms, entry way, bedrooms upstairs,
the list goes on. Paint is an easy fix......
We have had renters in there since Kalen moved,
and haven't had a chance to do anything!
The upstairs tub also needs new taps.
Kalen says: "We know a couple plumbers!"
I figure I can get them replaced for a case of beer.
That's right, the barter system is alive & well!
I also need the smoke detector that's wired direct, disconnected.
I can do that, or get it done for a bag of poppycock!
The place needs new light fixtures here & there.
Not sure what the restoration guy will tell us!
We're ready to put it all back together if insurance isn't going to pay for anything!
Pretty sure it will never happen again.
It was -30 for so long at the beginning of winter, then in February;
 that when SPRING came with a vengeance and was 10 degrees for 48 hours,
the water that melted had no place to go.
Ground was frozen!
It's winter again this week!
-28 this morning!
Happy Spring to you!
So I might not talk to you for a day or two, but I'm checking your blogs as I can, and I always read back to catch up, so I'll be thinking about you!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!


  1. What a great card!!!!
    So sorry for all your troubles. Another reason to dislike winter!!!!

  2. Phew, what a week... and still you got to make a card?! Keeping my fingers crossed that insurance will cover the damage...

  3. Oh that's not good Gail you know the saying it never rains but it pours!! l'm hoping all will come right pretty soon and thankful for friends ........on a nicer note your card is so adorable great new's paper backing and balloons great card all right.....take care

  4. Love your red balloons against that newsprint. Very dimensional dies against that b&w print. (Tried to get this balloon die at Simon Says yes'dy, it's sold out!). Great card. I feel your pain with the flooding. I did the same thing with our washing machine (on the main floor), flooded & went down into our finished basement. Ugh. Good luck in the repairs. Sounds like you've got some good help in hand, and the barter system sounds wonderful to me. It's good to have experts in your circle of friends (or even if they aren't experts, at least willing to lend elbow grease!). Do what must be done, we'll all be waiting when you return to blogging! TFS & Hugs. Loved your thought to ponder too.

  5. OMG, I know exactly what you are going through. Our basement flooded when Conley was going thru his cancer treatments and I'd fallen and broken my leg and ankle (same leg). Our water heater had ruptured and we didn't know it until a friend came over and went downstairs to get something and said the basement was flooded with 2" of water on the floor throughout. What a friggin nightmare that was to deal with as neither one of us could go up or down the stairs.........Insurance did cover it but 18 months later the water company decided to do a push and the NEW water heater blew a gasket..... No insurance the second time so we just pulled up the new carpet and tiled that room ourselves. Not near as cozy and warm as it was but it's finished.

    Truly a masculine card and I love those red balloons. I'm sure it will be enjoyed by the gentleman to know that he got a hand made card.

    Don't wear yourself out have a little fun while you are slinging paint......LOL Hugs, Carol

  6. Gail, love the pop of red with the balloons against the newsprint background!
    What a nightmare, nothing like water soaked everything, ruins whatever it touches instantly. So much hard work, but sounds like your friends are great
    at pitching in...good luck with the clean up...thinking of you.


  7. What fun background paper with the red balloons. Wow the water damage sounds terrible. Hope everything works out for you soon.

    Hugs Diane

  8. Fun card Gail. . .Not so fun at the rental house. What a mess, and what a hassle for you. . .as if you don't have enough to do to keep you busy huh? When you wrote the words "sump pump" it made my blood run cold. This house has one, and I am terrified every time the power goes out during a storm. We have been so lucky that the power outages have only lasted about 15 minutes. I've never lived in a house with a sump, and it is a constant worry for me. Hope the rest of your week goes great. Hugs, Curt

  9. Hello Gail ..And you took the time to visit me ...ME!! Thank you Gail
    Goodness it is amazing what damage water can do . Hope the insurance group comes to the party and pays for all damage no nit picking .

    Love the masculine no fuss card .
    hugs Shirley-Anne


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