Monday, April 21, 2014

REPEAT THIS 3 TIMES: Everything always works out for me! Everything always works out for me! Everything always works out for me!

Hello peeps!
Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend spent with loved ones!

I made a card last night, as Ray's going to a funeral this afternoon.

This was my drive to work a week ago Friday!

Horrible white stuff!
The swans are back!

Here's the start of the laminate at Kalens house!

Finished in one room!

Honestly, you can tell we live in Smalltown, Nowhere;
when renovations come to a screeching halt
cause we can't find drapes & curtain rods within 300 miles!
I ordered from Sears!
We DID work in the laundry room...........
Who lays carpet in a laundry room in the basement!
It came out!
A wall got painted, & I cleaned the spray paint off the window!
someone would have to be standing in the yard
between the house & attached garage to watch you do laundry!!!
My title today is what I told a blog friend yesterday as we 'chatted' with email.
I remember saying that I had to go see where the water under my washer was coming from.
After I cussed out the washer;
which has been a lemon since I got it.......
don't tell the kids, they bought it for me.......
I was reminded about what a pain it is,
when I read Mary's blog post about her refrigerator!
After I cleaned out the cupboard between the washer & dryer,
scrubbed shelves in there,
moved it out to get behind the washer.....
scrubbed under the washer..........
decided nothing was leaking.......
took off the panel where the hot water tank lives.......
It's the hot water tank!
I need someone to do a survey about appliances or anything going wrong on a holiday, or weekend!
Cause from where I sit, it NEVER happens during the week;
and we are second on the list today for a new hot water tank!
Ray will have to go to his sisters to shower before the funeral,
and me;
I'll get to work sometime this afternoon,
when the new hot water tank is up & running so I can shower,
and maybe get a load of laundry in that didn't get done!
And it's payroll!
I'll be at work til I'm done!
I'm also house sitting/cat sitting for 2 friends in town.
The ones that live across the street from each other.
I'm paranoid now that something will go wrong!
I got my key stuck in one door on Saturday...
I was like, "REALLY, just what I want to do on Saturday,
change the lock while no one is home!"
I got it out; I now use the door with the code!
In other news, we enjoyed a wonderful meal on Saturday;
Vanessa was busy yesterday.
We also had Firepit Friday(on Saturday)!
Still a tad cool, but we lasted until almost 11:00PM!
Have a great week everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


~ Flowers and Flourishes ~
That's the theme over at House Mouse & Friends Monday Challenge!
Due to unforseen circumstances, we're at a kinda stand still on the renovations,
so I whipped this up the other night!
Those are not the flourishes I was looking for,
and hey,
there's some on the Birthday stamp!!!
You only have a couple days, so get out your HM, Gruffies & Happy Hoppers!
I'm going to link this up over at
and if I'd have been on the ball I'd have put some lace on there!
It's a short week for us, and I'm soooo looking forward to it!
I'm one of those people who "Need a day between Saturday & Sunday"!
I'm cooking on Saturday........
Happy Easter everyone!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!

Monday, April 14, 2014


I DID get a minute!
Actually I had this card in my head the whole time I've been painting & laying laminate!
I had a new poinsettia stamp I wanted to do the vellum thing with, and it turned out pretty good!

Blogger's being a pain, but I'm linking this up over at
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You're on the right path. Just keep going.

Hello peeps!
I'm here, just been working, at my paid job, and the one that doesn't pay!
There will be a lot of pictures, with not a crafty thing (unless painting counts) in sight, so feel free to skip this post!
Ahhhh, and over here when I said this would only take a couple weeks..........
please insert maniacal laughter!

The microwave got installed.

There it is with part of the peanut gallery!

I tell ya, the "easy 1 person install" microwave almost did us in!
But now we're practiced up for when I get mine!!!
Next on the list was ripping out the carpet from the big upstairs bedroom.
This next picture's a doozy!
We had about 6 inches X 3 feet we had to try & cut even with the drywall!
I was at the house by 10 am on Saturday.
 I was at the store shortly after 9 to pick up the paint Vanessa picked out for this room.
I also picked up a gallon of ceiling paint;
cause hey, we're doing all this work, might as well paint the ceiling!
The kids went to GP for the day, I was on my own!
First I had to take down the ceiling fans....
don't worry, I'm a girl, I shut off ALL the breakers!
This is what I needed to cover up on the ceiling!

Not just one painter flooped their roller up there...there's 2 colors of green up there!
 Kalen put in his 2 bits worth by saying,
"Do the closet mom, people don't think anyone looks in there, but they do!"
This is what I started with in the closet!

The bright green, and someone had started to prime.
Oh look, I'm washing walls with my bucket!
Here it is after the ceiling is done & primer on.

And said closet:
 It got painted Monday after work!
This is the 'blue' Vanessa wanted.

It's a loooong way from this:

And after 8 hours Saturday I came home to my jacuzzi and glass(es) of wine!
Navy must not be in this year, cause we can't find Navy room darkening drapes!
V is going back to GP again this weekend, and I've already sent her to Jysk!
Also need some new lights, but I'll watch the flyers!
The laminate is going down tomorrow night!
I've had a crash course in Laminate 101;
or Laminate for Dummies whichever you prefer!
Plus the stuff I printed off the internet....I've got this!
Oh yeah, Kalen said, "You've done this before right?"
I've delivered the sawhorses to the garage in town, and the saw, square, pencil etc.
I ordered a laminate installation kit, which is supposed to be in tomorrow!
And the glow in the dark orange room that hurts my eyes.......
it's days are numbered!
We also painted the window sashes in that bedroom,
the outside frame, scrubbed the windows, it'll be a whole new room!
I'll take pictures of the laminate!
I AM trying to get my moms Easter card ready for mailing.
I am also trying to whip Kalen up an Easter card........
The geese are back......
And I took a picture of this fat little feller when I was driving the handi van last week!
A waxwing I think!

In other news, I've been going to the dentist, my 2 front teeth are getting crowns.
I have 2 more appointments.
I wanted to be in the running with Curt for the cheesiest smile! NOT!
The yarn eggs have got chocolate in them and are ready to be handed out!
I also put them in these cute carrot bags I found at Michaels with some Easter grass!

It's supposed to snow tomorrow morning, and rain tomorrow afternoon!
Thanks for popping by, and thanks for the emails checking up on me.
And all the tests & stuff Ray's been having.
Colonoscopies, CT scans, bloodwork, etc.
The spot on the lung is some kind of stretch mark from when he was sick and had a horrible cough that lasted a month or so.
They're boiling it down to Sleep Apnea, and that folks can be treated.
He's been getting a little more exercise, and feeling a bit better,
and he might have even lost a pound or 2, he's got about 80 to go!
He's doing what he can at the house in town;
he's usually the garbage hauler, but he is going to make a garbage stand for the house!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

I've gotten a reprieve from painting etc., and am actually still in my housecoat drinking coffee!
In other news it's -26 here this morning......I think Mother Nature is napping!

The restoration guy came Tuesday to check out Kalen's house.
It's a mystery where the water came from, and if it will ever happen again!
The place has weeping tile, it drains properly....WTH!?
Told us to "Put it back together, the 2 X 4's look like they just came out of the forest."!!!
So we went from this:

To this:

In 4 days!
Vanessa has a room mate moving in tomorrow!
I cut the rest of the trim yesterday, and it will go on today.
I painted 1, yes ONE ceiling tile!
Told Vanessa, her & her friends could have a paint party some rainy day!
A ceiling tile at a time, cause it made such a difference!
I am getting a microwave this week for the house.....
Kalen's birthday's on the 1st of April, and I sent him money for his move to Alberta.
I SHOULD HAVE said, "I bought you a microwave for your house for your birthday!"
I'm also picking up laminate for the 2 bedrooms upstairs;
and I took a new dryer vent package over yesterday.
There's more dryer lint in the basement.........the hose is duct taped.......
Ya know yur a redneck when........
One of her friends will install that!
Vanessa's already moved in.
We're gonna do the big bedroom first;
she'll move over;
then we'll tackle the scary glow in the dark orange room that hurts my eyes!
We're gonna do some more painting in the basement, get some updated light fixtures,
already got the taps in the bathroom fixed, we're on a roll!
Have to do some outside work; if Spring ever comes!
Good thing I don't have too much on my own to-do lists!
Hopefully, we're done in a week or two!
In case you think nothing crafty's been going on at the Luck house..........
When Vanessa was here to pick up MORE STUFF,
and have supper last night, she said,
"When did you have time to make a card?"
I sent this poppycock/the card attached to the birthday party Ray went to last week!

And I made these.............

I got the idea here; and while they turned out amazing, they won't hold anything!
And GOOD LUCK trying to get your treats into the water balloon!
So, last weekend when Vanessa's friend came to play with us;
we made these:

We left a hole to put the treats into;
I'll show you the finished result when they're all put together!
It was really labor intensive; I'm glad I started early;
I think my mod podge was past it's due date,
cause it was like"Getting high on Stazon!"
It's now in the garbage!
So there you have the rest of the story......kinda!
I'll just keep plugging along!
I might even get back into the craft room today after laundry etc.!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Anything Masculine for Challenge #HMFMC166


Hello Peeps! Welcome back to HMFMC where we love to have FUN! It's Monday and time for a brand new House-Mouse challenge. Our Team has come up with some awesome Masculine takes to help inspire you...
The teams cards are amazing! (As always)
I'm playing along.......had a minute here & there!
Sorry about the quality of the photo, but it was getting dark when I got home!
This was fun to do, and I actually won a whole whack of SU design paper on Facebook last fall; there's a bit of everything in there! So didn't have to fret about 'guy' stuff!

Dig out your HM, Gruffies, Happy Hoppers & play along, there's still another week!
At least go check them out.........these little guys always put a smile on my face!!

Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Each day I awake I ask myself what I am grateful for and that puts a smile on my face. --John Assaraf

Oi, that's been hard the last week & a half!!!
I'll show you the birthday card I made, then you can get on with your day!

It's for a 75th birthday party Ray is going to in Grande Prairie!
I'm staying home...........
About a week & a half ago I got a call from the guy renting Kalens house.
"Gail, there's water in the basement".
I flew to town(on my broom), went into the basement,
checked the sump pump,
ran to the laundry room, which had water on the floor;
then I could hear it.
It was running down the walls in the bedroom!
I called Kalen,
told him he'd better call insurance,
as I thought it was more than I could handle.....silly me!
I rented the Rug Doctor from the store (everyone should have one of those!),
and sucked up all the water on the carpets.
The insurance adjustor was there a week ago yesterday, and the restoration guy's coming on Tuesday.
We have pulled 2 walls apart, that were honest to God, built to last F O R E V E R!
Today, we're bagging the insulation, most of which is dry...go figure!
I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt, and taking clothes to change into!!!!
I don't think I like insulation!
I've got help,
did I say I had awesome friends,
and Vanessa's moving in, so we're using her friends too!!!
They're easily swayed with a home cooked meal & drinks!
I've also got 5 gallons of paint that will be applied where needed....
ceiling tiles, paneling in the downstairs bedrooms, entry way, bedrooms upstairs,
the list goes on. Paint is an easy fix......
We have had renters in there since Kalen moved,
and haven't had a chance to do anything!
The upstairs tub also needs new taps.
Kalen says: "We know a couple plumbers!"
I figure I can get them replaced for a case of beer.
That's right, the barter system is alive & well!
I also need the smoke detector that's wired direct, disconnected.
I can do that, or get it done for a bag of poppycock!
The place needs new light fixtures here & there.
Not sure what the restoration guy will tell us!
We're ready to put it all back together if insurance isn't going to pay for anything!
Pretty sure it will never happen again.
It was -30 for so long at the beginning of winter, then in February;
 that when SPRING came with a vengeance and was 10 degrees for 48 hours,
the water that melted had no place to go.
Ground was frozen!
It's winter again this week!
-28 this morning!
Happy Spring to you!
So I might not talk to you for a day or two, but I'm checking your blogs as I can, and I always read back to catch up, so I'll be thinking about you!
Hope you're all well!
Talk to ya later!
Ta ta for now!